Pictures from 1998
Briggs Elementary in Tahlequah, OK

Mrs. Bynum with a 6th grade student

Mrs. Whitney with her 8th grade students

Mrs. Stepp's 4th Graders hold the Earth in their hands.

8th Graders pass along an important message

Mr. Whalen, Principal, and 4th graders lend a hand

Mrs. Spencer's 4th grade girls show their work

A teaching assistant and 5th grader check the bags before delivery

Mrs. Doss' 5th Graders deliver 390 bags to Reasor's Grocery Store

Ms. Grasso and 5th Graders meet with Mr. Stafford, Reasor's Store Director

This is our first year participating in the project. Briggs School students in the following teachers' classrooms decorated grocery bags for Earth Day 1998: Ms. Boen, Mrs. Bynum, Mrs. Doss, Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs. Hamby, Mrs. Maker, Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Ritzhaupt, Mr. Ritzhaupt, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Ryals, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Seagle, Mrs. Sellers, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Stepp, and Mrs. Whitney. The fifth grade students in Mrs. Doss' class gave a brief history of Earth Day and demonstrated designs to each of the other classrooms. The students decorated 390 bags with educational slogans. The grocery bags were distributed to the public at Reasor's Grocery Store in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on Earth Day. Look for our photos on this website.
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Briggs Elementary
Tahlequah, Oklahoma