Pictures from 1999
Raymond C. Richer Elementary School
in Marlborough, Massachusetts

Mary Agoritsas
Raymond C. Richer Elementary School
Marlborough, Massachusetts
First Grade Teacher
625 bags decorated
While looking through my April "Copy Cat Press" magazine, I found the address of your wonderful web site and some great "hands on" activities for designing the paper bags. It was a perfect project that could be done ahead of time, as we were on vacation the week of Earth Day. The rest of the teaching staff was very enthusiastic and the idea caught on right away. Victory Supermarket in Marlborough gave us the bags to decorate and distributed them on Earth Day. Manager Jim Guercio said he was very pleased with the great artwork from our first, second, and third graders. Many children made a special trip to the supermarket to get a decorated bag that they could recycle. We had a great time with this project. Check out our pictures of some of the artists from Karen Murphy's third grade.