Pictures from 1999
Lloyd Mann Primary in Loveland, Ohio

Comments: This was a GREAT idea! Our kindergarteners and first graders were very excited about decorting the grocery bags. Each of the 750 students in our building decorated the grocery bags for our local Loveland Kroger Store. For our building we wanted the bags to carry the environmental message "Don't Litter". Students used the theme to help them decorate the bags for distribution. We also helped raise environmental awareness through our local paper and WCPO News. Both presented Lloyd Mann's participation in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We are pleased and proud to be a part of this effort that is growing rapidly. Thanks for the idea and your individual efforts to make this internet project a HUGE success. Pictures of some of the bags will follow.
Tammy Ruehrwein
Lloyd Mann Primary in Loveland City Schools
Loveland, Ohio
Bags decorated: 750