Pictures from 1999
Bob Mathis Elementary in Decatur, Georgia

Bags Decorated: 428
Comments: This was an awesome project! It was the very first time that our school has participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Each student in our school Pre-K through 6th grades decorated a bag. Our bags were donated by our neighborhood Publix Store - Flakes Mill Crossing. We were so very grateful to them for their participation.
In our school the Earth Day Project was directed by Mrs. Wall a 3rd grade teacher, however, it was organized and coordinated by a team for fourteen 3rd grade students deemed the ED Committee. Each student was assigned a classroom to make a brief oral presentation on the project, distributed and picked up the completed bags. This was an exciting time for all . Our students thoroughly enjoyed this project and it is our intention to participate again next year. Let's begin today, by making Earth Day, every day!
Tanya Wall
Bob Mathis Elementary
Decatur, Georgia