Pictures from 2005
Jefferson County Public Library in Golden, CO

The Jefferson County Public Library in Golden, Colorado  had 19 children in grades 1-6 in attendance at our Earth Day Program.  We decorated 26 bags which we shared with friends and family to reuse on their trips to the grocery store, since Colorado law restricts public use of "reused" bags in our grocery stores.  Pat Dolan, the manager of the local Safeway grocery store, donated the bags for our use in this project.  We appreciate Safeway's willingness to support this educational program.  The kids brainstormed ways that we could be more respectful of our earth and we read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss to remind us what an awesome responsibility we have to take care of our beautiful world.

Leslie Johnson
Children's Information Librarian
Golden Public Library
Jefferson County Public Library
1019 Tenth St, Golden, CO 80401
303-279-4585 X2