Pictures from 2003
Grand Blanc Schools in Grand Blanc, MI

This year, students from Grand Blanc public schools’ Brendel Middle School and City School were joined by students from the Discovery Montessori School to decorate 400 grocery bags donated by the Colony Market in Grand Blanc.   In addition, students from the Grand Blanc Academy Charter School and the Holy Family School decorated 300 grocery bags donated by Nehring’s Market in Grand Blanc.  On national Earth Day, April 22, grocery customers at the Colony Market and Nehring’s Market will use the decorated bags.

The General Motors Grand Blanc Metal Center and UAW Local 1292 announced their participation in the tenth annual Earth Day Groceries Project.  This is the first year that the Grand Blanc Metal Center and UAW Local 1292 coordinated efforts for the Earth Day Grocery Bag project.  The project joins local school children with local grocery stores to spread Earth Day messages.