Project Overview

Four Simple Steps

Project Starter Kit

Project Starter Kit
(Please Note: Below is an on-line collection of web activities, not a kit in the traditional sense that can be mailed to you.)

Hopefully, the "Starter Kit" below will make the organizational part of the project easier and more fun! Even those who have participated before may find something new and useful here. Have fun!
  • Project Description
    A great place to start, to understand the whole project.  This is a nice way to introduce the project  to staff members, a principal, or a local grocer.
  • Desktop Wallpaper
    Beautiful scenery (78 pics to choose from!) to remind you of our Earth and The Earth Day Groceries Project

  • World Templates
    For use in the classroom. Different views of the earth for students to trace or outline on grocery bags.

  • Teacher Comments
    Selected quotes from the thousands of reports on the project website.

  • News Release (opens in new window) 
    A sample news release to copy, paste, customize for local media.

  • Project Clip Art
    Get the project logo for your web site, press release, or other publications.

  • PowerPoint Show
    Show the project to a group! There are two presentations to choose from.