January 21, 1998

Mr. Mark Ahlness
Seattle, WA

Dear Mark,

The Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association is pleased and proud to sponsor the Earth Day Groceries Project website again this year. Our members manufacture the paper that is used to make paper grocery bags, and we actively promote the reuse and recycling of paper bags, corrugated boxes and other paper products. Your project offers an excellent opportunity for youth to learn about and get involved in reusing and recycling paper products, especially paper bags.

In addition to providing paper bags to teachers who are unable to obtain them from local grocery stores, we will continue to provide educational materials on reuse and recycling to interested teachers, students, Scout troops, and environmental clubs. Our Youth Action Kit contains a handled paper grocery bag with youth-oriented reuse and recycling projects and graphics, along with 8 colorful, interactive fliers that teach youth how to make recycled paper, how to start a curbside recycling program in their area, and 20 ways they can reuse a paper bag before recycling it. To order these materials, please direct your viewers to call 1-800-878-8878 and mention the Billion Bags Campaign.

We have enjoyed hearing from teachers who have participated in the Earth Day Groceries project and are glad it continues to be an effective and fun way to teach youth about Improving Tomorrow's Environment Today. Thank you for your commitment to today's youth and improving our environment. You have our very best wishes for continued success.


David C. Stuck
Executive Director, Kraft Paper Group
American Forest and Paper Association

American Forest and Paper Association
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Washington, DC 20036